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Automobile Storage

At Dallas Automobile Storehouse, our primary goal is to house, pamper, and care for your prized possession.  Whether you’re driving a classic, a muscle car, or a late-model exotic, we have the facilities and knowledge to handle a wide array of automobile needs.

Our Accommodations

  • 24/7/365 Access
  • Dedicated driving alleys
  • Gated Access
  • Discreet, convenient location
  • 1080p HD Cameras
  • Battery Tending
  • On-Site Detailing
  • Access to automotive lifts
  • Spare wheel/tire storage

Storage Requirements

  • Vehicle must be in running condition
  • Vehicle must be owned by you or your family
  • We require a copy of the key for any vehicle
  • Vehicle that drips must have drip pan
  • Vehicle must be insured by owner

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a battery tender required???

    Yes.  We require each car be attached to a battery tender.  You are welcome to provide your own tender if you prefer; however, as a part of our initiation process we will provide you with a tender for your vehicle, and install a (non-permanent) banana plug to the battery for quick connect and disconnect.

  • My car is having troubles, what can I do?

    A few things can be done.  If you are technically inclined, we have on-site automotive lifts that can be rented for do-it-yourselfers.  Lifts are rented at a flat rate, and are rented for 12 hour increments.

    Additionally, we have on-call factory trained technicians, so we can diagnose your problems, and typically fix them on-site as well. Standard shop rate applies to diagnosis and repair.  We will provide an estimate before we execute any of the work.  Our technicians are fully certified and have years of factory training.

    Finally, If you prefer to have your vehicle taken to a specialist, we can arrange that as well.

  • My car leaks, is that okay?

    In some cases, leaking cars may be normal.  If you know your car is leaking, please make sure there is a drip pan for your vehicle. If you do not own one, we will provide one for you and bill your account.   If the car is leaking excessively, we may need to have the vehicle serviced.

  • Will you drive my car for me?

    We currently are working on a membership package that includes us actually driving your vehicle for you to prevent fluids from getting stale, and tires from spotting.  We expect for that package to be available very soon.

  • How do I access the building?

    We have a comprehensive system that includes cameras, key badges, and all kinds of fun gizmos.  We issue each customer a unique card tied to the last four digits of his/her social security number, which will activate all necessary elements of the building.

  • What hours do I have access to my car?

    If you have an active Storehouse membership, you have access to the facility, and therefore your car 24/7/365.  No questions asked

  • Do you require my key?

    Yes, we require a copy of the key for safety and security purposes.  In rare occasions, we may need to move your vehicle for facility maintenance, or upon your request for servicing, detailing, etc.  Our copy of the key is locked in a secure locked box in a secure area of the building that customers do not have access to.

  • Do you offer Valet services?

    Absolutely!  Just let us know you’re coming, and we will be happy to pull your vehicle out for you so that it is ready when you arrive!

  • Can I bring my friends?

    Yes, you may bring friends. We ask to limit two guests per customer on any occasion.  This is to respect the privacy and security of other members, as well as to help us, operationally.

  • Can I rent the facility out for parties?

    Absolutely!  We can rent the facility out Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday for events.  We require a security deposit that goes toward the fee to rent the facility, as well as a separate rental fee.  Please contact us for details.

  • Can you cover my car for me?

    We can!  If you have a specific car cover that you like, we encourage you to bring it with you.  If you do not own a car cover, we can make you one.  We have several options from generic tarps to custom-fitted satin covers.  We strongly recommend making sure your car is totally clean before applying a car cover to protect against paint scratching.  A dusty paint is susceptible to micro-marring.

  • I see you have lifts, can I use them?

    Absolutely!  We rent the lifts in 12 hour increments.  Prior to use, we will have you fill out some simple paperwork, and then you’re free to get to work!

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