Automobile Storage

Dallas Automobile Storehouse is obsessed with providing the absolute best experience when it comes to storing and maintaining your vehicle.  Our 25,000 square foot facility is climate controlled, fully finished, and each car has access to battery tending to ensure a strong start, each and every time.

We are committed to providing an experience unlike any other facility around.  In addition to premium automobile storage, we also offer our clients a whole host of concierge services to make their lives as easy as possible.  Need your car detailed?  No problem.  Need an oil change?  Our pleasure.  Is your inspection out of date?  Let us get it renewed for you!  Just let us know what you need, and we can get it done.

Concierge Services

Whether you drive a 1960s muscle car, or a late-model exotic, we guaranty exceptional care, and a tailored experience based on your needs.

Allow our car-care concierge help manage your ownership experience.  Whether you need your vehicle detailed, inspected, or simply brought up to operating temperature, we can accommodate your needs.

Key features

  • 24/7/365 access
  • On-Site Detailing
  • Car Care Concierge
  • Dedicated drive alleys
  • Discreet, Convenient location
  • Sales and consignment services
  • Much more!
Membership Satisfaction
Square Feet of Space
Enthusiasm for Automobiles!
Hours of Access


Dallas Automobile Storehouse’s sole passion is automobiles.  And therefore our mission is to provide the absolute best ownership experience imaginable.  Let us know how we can be of service!


Our facility is unmarked from the outside, intentionally.  No need to worry that curious people will be popping their heads in to see your vehicle

On-site Detailing

Customers have access to on-site detailing and paint correction so their vehicle doesn’t ever even need to leave the facility!

Bespoke Customization

We offer extensive customization options to make your vehicle look, drive, and perform better than you even imagined.

Battery Tending

We provide battery tending solutions so your vehicle starts strong, every time.

Climate Controlled

Our facilities are climate controlled so your vehicle doesn’t sweat too hard in the summer, or get the shivers in the winter

Valet Services

We offer valet service to customers whose time is limited.  We can have your car ready to go, all you have to do is let us know you’re coming!

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