About Storehouse

It all started a bit over a decade ago when the owner’s first car got broken into a parking garage where it was being stored.  From that point forward, he said “there has to be a better way..”  And thus Dallas Automobile Storehouse was born

Dallas Automobile Storehouse is obsessed with providing the absolute best experience when it comes to storing and maintaining your vehicle.  Our 25,000 square foot facility is climate controlled, fully finished, and each car has access to battery tending to ensure a strong start, each and every time.

We are committed to providing an experience unlike any other facility around.  In addition to premium automobile storage, we also offer our clients a whole host of concierge services to make their lives as easy as possible.  Need your car detailed?  No problem.  Need an oil change?  Our pleasure.  Is your inspection out of date?  Let us get it renewed for you!  Just let us know what you need, and we can get it done.

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Automobile Storage

At Dallas Automobile Storehouse, we offer best-in-class vehicle storage for the most discerning of enthusiasts.  We have several different options to accommodate members’ needs to provide an unrivaled experience.

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Bespoke Concierge

Our concierge services take our members’ experience to the next level.  Storing a vehicle can leave it susceptible to neglect.  Our car care concierge is here to make sure your car gets the attention it needs to keep it looking and feeling young and spry.

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